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The paradise for big feet

Fortunately the beauty ideal of little feet is far behind us and appropriate shoes in larger sizes are, partly due to the persistent lobbying of Caland/Schoen, increasingly produced.  We sell an extensive collection of trendy, sporty, and classic shoes for men and women in large sizes.  We do so at attractive locations in the heart of Rotterdam and Amsterdam where we offer high quality shoes and excellent service. With our varied range of footwear 42- 46 for women and 46-51 for men, we lead this section of the Dutch en Belgium shoemarket.

For all the big feet we can help, we offer sporting walkers, hip boots, sturdy boots, elegant heels trendy sandals, colorful ballerinas, sandals and more shoes. Classics but also trends for 'tweens and teens' are followed and we have further alternative styles and clearly female models in a very wide range in stock. In addition, we have considered various widths, half sizes, loose insoles, various styles for all ages. Both a 11 year old girl with narrow feet size 44 and  her grandmother 79 years with the same measure who needs arch support, can leave our shop happily.

Through this website you can look, choose and order. But we invite you to visit , fit out and enjoy all those wonderful shoes in our Rotterdam or Amsterdam shop. 

Big and beautiful!    

The basis for the present company was laid in 1915. In 1999 when Anke Griffioen decided to continu the company of her parents in Rotterdam, she enhanced the specialization of big sizes because she was dissatisfied with the supply in that field. With her shoe size 44, she is a great ambassador for big feet and she convinced  several producers to produce trendy models in large sizes. From the Dutch and international demand she and her team make a smart choice according to rules of fit, design and quality. Due to increasing demand from the Northern provinces in 2008, the Amsterdamshop was opened. An increasingly international audience visit this store and editors of fashion magazines tend to find us well.

Before entering the shoebussiness Anke performed different jobs jobs at the Rotterdam university and at two municipalities. She studied political science / public administration as well as philosophy in Amsterdam.

Online service

Although we prefer to sell shoes in our stores  to guide our customers with their choice and to advise on fit, we respond to the increasing demand to offer our collection online. In this domain Caland / Schoen has developed a full where some 1,000 pairs of shoes will be displayed.

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