Corporate social responsibility

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Our Rotterdamshop at the Nieuwe Binnenweg in Rotterdam is situated in an old neighborhood close to the citycenter. Here local entrepreneurs have to play an important role for viability of the public space and the neighborhood economy needs to be brought on a higher plane (see Caland/Schoe has taken the lead in that process and realized several projects leading to demonstrable positive results in safety, attractiveness. By doing so the business climate has considerably been improved. Thus, Caland/Schoen initiated the modernization of the whole apartmentcomplex where our shop is located, sought coöperation with Francine Houben of Mecanoo and managed the fundraising at the Rotterdam city council. Furthermore, we share Rotterdam's ambition to maximize young people into work. In this context we support students from Traverse and have been able to contract a number of talented salesemployees to our staff.

Art and culture

Caland/ Schoen has initiated various art projects and directed the heavily discussed statue of Santa Claus (alias’Gnome Buttplug’) to the Eendrachtsplein.  Another initiative was the idea and organisation behind neon artwork HERE THERE on either side of the Meuse which seeks dialogue between Rotterdam Rotterdam South and North. In the Board of the Rotterdam Hellendaal Music Institute we have contributed to the initiative to offer high-quality classical music education to underprivileged children from the neighborhood that barely come into contact with classical music. This project is supported by prominent locals like our former prime minister and the chef of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.
Initiatives of other civil society organizations in the neighborhood we support wholeheartedly. Caland/ Schoen contributed to to the revision of the magnificent organ in the opposite Paradise Church and we are members of 'Friends of Anthony's, a nearby nursing and rehabilitation center.

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